This gallery features my fan artwork for the 1980's cartoon Heathcliff, a cartoon I used to watch avidly while growing up in the 1980's. The drawings are mostly of Cleo, the classy girlfriend of the Catiilac Cats junkyard gang leader, Riff-Raff. Cleo is by far my favorite character from the show, and I even own a few original production animation cels of her! I also have a drawing of Roxy included in the gallery. She was a one-episode character that I thought would be neat to draw due to her classy femme-fatale look and extreely stylish red scarf!

Cleo was one of the very first anthropomorphic "furry" characters that I ever started drawing, and she was also one of the very first characters that got me interested in drawing animation. I drew her extensively in the late 1990's during the latter years of high school when the Heathcliff cartoon show was playing in re-runs on what was then the Fox Family cable channel. There are several reasons why I enjoy drawing Cleo so much. First of all, she had a very classy personality and was probably the smartest character in the Catillac Cats gang. While Riff-Raff often came out on top when she challenged him, he was usually successful more because of luck than anything, and there were a few times where she really got the best of him. Secondly, Cleo was always a very feminine and flirtatious character, and those have long been my favorite kind of character to draw and animate. Cleo is also a lot of fun for me to draw because she represents the pinacle of 1980's fashion trends (leg warmers, hairstyle, etc.), which I remember from growing up. She lived in a music store and constantly listened to her cassette tape player Walkman, which brings back some nostalgic feelings because I used to listen to my favorite music tapes on a similar cassette tape Walkman all the way into the mid-1990's. Whenever I feel like drawing something about 1980's culture or music Cleo is always the character that I think of, and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her! My Cleo pictures used to see a lot of Internet exposure back in the day because many of them used to be on display in the fan artwork gallery of the now dead "Kem's The Cat's and Company Website," which until it was taken down was the best website about the Heathcliff cartoon on the Internet.


Cleo dressed up as a Benet Academy Avion pom-pom dancer
Cleo in Saiyan armor
Cleo looking back
'95 Grand Am GT Cleo
Redline Express Dancer
DMC Racing Cleo
Cleo, colored digitally
Cleo, colored with colored pencils


Roxy sitting on a cushion

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