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Drawing has always been a hobby of mine, and since I have been learning some of the elements of the Japanese manga style and the animation style my output has exploded. I have invented many of my own manga characters, and I love experimenting with anthropomorphics. I have also drawn a good deal of fan art from different shows and comic books that I enjoy. Currently, the majority of the artwork that I am posting online is fan art. This is because I am very sensitive about my original characters, and I feel that many of them are not yet ready to be released to the world. Maybe your positive comments could change all of that! But until then my fan art will do.

Another thing I feel I need to add is an explanation for why most of my artwork is of "cat women." I have always loved cats and their ways of showing expression. Therefore I love to mix cats and women. I think am creating characters that have the best attributes from both worlds. If this explanation isn't satisfying enough, I also have another connection with cats. I was born on the day believed to be the day the ancient Egyptions worshipped the cat goddess Bast. Kind of neat, huh? I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do. Please e-mail me your comments!

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