This artwork gallery features my fan artwork based on the Nintendo video game series Star Fox. Star Fox hit the scenes in the early 1990's as a third-person arcade style 3D space shooter game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. What made the Star Fox video game unique was its incredible graphics and 3D realism for its time, and its cast of adorable cartoon animal characters that it had for star fighter pilots. In the game you play the role of Fox Mcloud, a red fox hot shot star fighter pilot who commands the elite Star Fox team. You and your team are called upon to defend your homeworld against the mad ape scientist Andross and his evil armada from Planet Venom. That storyline is pretty cool in and of itself, however things got a lot better in the Star Fox universe when Nintendo Power magazine started running a Star Fox comic in its pages, and that comic introduced the world to Fox Mcloud's first love interest, Fara Pheonix. Fara Pheonix was a very beautiful fennec fox vixen, and while I didn't appreciate her beauty much at the time because I was too young to care, I rediscovered her with much delight later! With the invention of the Nintendo 64 system a new female feline star fighter pilot character named Kat was introduced, but having never owned the game Star Fox 64 I unfortunately don't know much about her.

Later still the Nintendo GameCube system was released, and with that came the games Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault. These games introduced Fox Mcloud's second love interest, who was definitely the best of all: Krystal! What made Krystal so great? For starters, she was an absolutely fit and gorgeous blue fox vixen with a very cute British-sounding accent. Even better was the fan service that she provided with her very revealing outfits, which were a bikini top and loin cloth bottom combination in Star Fox Adventures, and a skin-tight flight suit in Star Fox Assault. This character is so popular that she has entire Internet message boards devoted to worshipping her! Most of my drawings in this gallery are of Krystal, mainly because I was asked by a friend to draw a series of pictures of her showing her both as a good and an evil character, in a "good twin vs. evil twin" sort of way. Never one to decline a challenge I got right on it, and the first 4 Krystl drawings that you see in this gallery are a result of that request. So if you were wondering why the normally sweet and friendly Krystal looks a little mean in some of these drawings, now you know! Krystal, being a ravishing blue fox vixen and all, will probably be the most common character to grace these galleries, however I am sure that Fara Pheonix may one day grace my draing pad as well! I hope that you enjoy the artwork!


Krystal in heated combat dodging an attack and returning fire!
An "evil" version of Krystal holding a smoking pistol and licking the fresh warm blood of her latest victim off of her fingers!
An animation pencil sketch of an "evil" version of Krystal saying, "Nothing tastes quite like the blood of the innocent!"
Krystal in her Star Fox Adventures outfit looking happy and adorable!
An "evil" version of Krystal rushing forward to attack with her spear!
This drawing shows both the soft friend and hardened warrior sides of Krystal!

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