These are all computer programs I have written over the years. Most were written in Microsoft Quickbasic 4.5, but some were also written in C, C++, FORTRAN-77, and Ti-83 BASIC. Enjoy these free programs, but I am not responcible for any damage they cause so USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

WinAMP Skins

FILEDESCRIPTIONSCREENSHOT Cheetah Skin- Features a photo of a cheetah in the main window and the equilizer and a cheetah sitting at sunset in the playlist editor. The song progress bar is a running cheetah and the volume button is a cheetah face. Cleo Skin- Features Cleo from the 1980's DiC cartoon Cats and Company. The Offspring's "Conspiracy of One" album cover with matching equilizer color scheme.


FILESIZEDESCRIPTIONPLATFORM 32.8KB ROMSTAR 1.1 -A CD player for DOS that has a menu interface, all of the standard features, and a moving starfield mainscreen to decorate your screen while it plays. MS-DOS 98.1KBCOMCAT 1.0 -A terminal program that has a chat room, E-Mail, upload, download, COM 1-4 support, phone bug, pop-up menu interface, password protected phonebooks, and much more! MS-DOS 44.2KA utility that converts the cryptic files in your AOL browser cache to readable ones that you can view. Recognizes almost a dozen formats. MS-DOS 41.6KA program that creates animateable graphics for Quickbasic. MS-DOS 71.6KA program that password protects your computer at boot up. Simple, fully documented, and it's free. Not for use against serious hackers, but it should keep out your parents or your boss. I use this on my computer. Use at your own risk! MS-DOS 1.28KBA neat, completely accurate, The Legend of Zelda desktop icon collection. MS Windows 3.1 and Above 622KBThe Midway Campaign -A campaign of 10 missions for the game Wing Commander Academy. Includes compiled HTML briefing and detailed believeable story line. MS-DOS with Wing Commander Academy Installed

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