Websites Made by Some of My Friends

DJ JonnyG
Reignfire's Babylon 5 Page

General Animation Websites

Olivier Mouroux's Animation Database!
Jeff's The Fox and the Hound Planet
Luke's Cats Don't Dance Website
The Unofficial Cats Don't Dance Fan Site
The Big Cartoon Database
Official Disney Clip Art
The Toonarific Cartoon Archive
The Lion King WWW Archive
The Cats and Company Website
Animated Lust (Rated PG!)

Anime Websites

Digishakers - Everything you need to know about Digimon
Anime Turnpike
Funimation Dragonball Z Megasite
D.A.F.S. Felicia Gallery
Anime World links for Darkstalkers

Comic, Manga, and Artist's Websites

Dreams of Dragons - The Artwork of Jennifer Osiecki
Comet's Kemono Island
Mary Lai's Yerf Gallery
Dragonaur Comics
The Artwork of Michele Light
Fantasy Illustrations by Little Paw (Terrie Smith)
Furtopia Furry Web Hosting Community
Megan Giles's VCL Artwork Gallery
Pisipisi's Website (in Japanese)
Ned Griffin's Website
Ned Griffin's Elfwood Gallery
Phantom Studios/ Metropolis Comics
Melissa Loh's GeoCities Website
Melissa Loh's FurNation Website
Melissa Loh's VCL Artwork Gallery
Meeki's VCL Artwork Gallery
Bewildered Furries
Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls
Bridget E. Wilde's VCL Artwork Gallery
R.E. Dye's 'Art' Site
Chalosan's VCL Gallery
Candy Palmer's Yerf Gallery
Candy's Art Haven
The Rainbow Pawprint: The Art and Design of Sarah Wheeler
Manawolf's Lair
Noelani Manawolf's Yerf Artwork Gallery
The Official Antarctic Press Website
Jingle - The Home of Paul Dini's Jingle Belle Comics
Sabrina Online
The Official Eric Schwartz Productions Website
Spifficated: Outside the Norm
The World of Vicki Fox
New Fred Perry Fan Club
Cheetaholics: The Official Site for Fred Perry's Gold Digger
Infinate Kapowie Network
Purrsia Press
Peekaboo Press (Mature Audience Comics)
Official Sabrina Online Mirror Archive

TV Show and Movie Websites

The Adventures of Pete and Pete
The Website of Pete and Pete
The Married With Children Resource Center

Music Websites

The Monster's Loose - Polaris Fansite
The Official Steve Reverb and the Sound Tones Website
The Official First Name Basis Website
The Official The Last Vegas Website - More Rock Than a Crackhouse!
The Official Hoobastank Website
The Official Bottle of Justus Website
The Official Skycycle Website
Steve Isaac's Website
The Panic Channel
The Panic Channel Community
The Official Just Add Water Website
The Official Millencolin Homepage
The Official Inspection 12 Website
The Official Offspring Website

Radio Hobbies

The Listening Post Web Shortwave Receiver
Micro-power Radio News

Science and Nature Websites

Big Cats as Exotic Pets at
5 TIGERS The Tiger Information Center
Scott Cunningham's Armor in Action
The United States of America Missile Defense Agency
Night Photographer Dot Com: An Online Gallery of Unusual Striking Night Photography
Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory
J.T. Baker Material Safety Data Sheets
Cheetah Conservation Homepage
The Governor's Camps: Big Cat Diary News
Lincoln Park Zoo
Brookfield Zoo
The Field Museum of Natural History
The John G. Shedd Aquarium
Cybershop Canada Landscape Photo Gallery
IUCN - The World Conservation Union
Washington University Data Archive
SETI@Home- The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
Adler Skyeye
Mark Levy's Wildlife Photo Gallery
Animal Pictures Archive
Official BBC Big Cat Diary Homepage (Currently Down!)
Animal Planet Network Homepage

History - The Battleship Bismark
German Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia
Korean War History: Time Line
The Air Force Historical Research Agency: The Korean War
The Naval Historical Center

Computers and Computer Programming

The Mozilla Foundation - Free web hosting and free isp guide - The largest guide to free webhosting - Free DNS Service
Go Daddy Software
BoingDragon's Lair - Counters
The GUI Gallery
TerraSource - A Terragen Resource Center
Terragen Website
1001 Free Fonts
Computer Stupidities
CPU WARS- Buy, Read, and More!
Internet Requests for Comment (RFC's)
Dan's 8-bit Commodore Information (not done by me!)
So you Want to be a Video Game Developer
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpereters
8-bit Programming
Developer City
Free FORTRAN Archive

Computer Underground and Other Computer Info

Defensive Thinking (Kevin Mitnick's Company)
FREE KEVIN MITNICK, The Official Kevin Mitnick Site
Electronic Frontier Foundation Action Center
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
The FreeNet Project
F-Secure Security Information Center
The Astalavista Security Group Hacker's Hall of Fame
AntiOnline - Maximum Security for a Connected World: Info on Computer Security, Hackers, DOS and DDOS attacks, Encryption, Hot Fixes, Security News and More!!
Cap'n'Crunch in Cyberspace - Steve Wozniak's Official Website
VX Heaven's Virus Magazines
Digital Information Society
Assorted Textfiles
F-PROT Anti-Virus Homepage
2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly
Off The Hook: The Weekly 2600 Hacker Radio Show
Blacklisted! 411 - The Official Hacker Magazine

Abandonware and Free MS-DOS Utilities

S.A.C. Utility Archive
The Underdog's Abandonware
Abandon Games Abandonware

Emulation and Video Game Sites

Zelda Classic
The Ur-Quan Masters Porting Project
Toys For Bob
The Pages of Now & Forever - All About Star Control
Felicia Game Sprite Gallery
Capcom System 2 Shock
Zophar's SNES Domain


Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor
Furries Against Hunting
The Official Website of Gymnyst Dominique Moceanu
The Bloomington-Normal Indy
The Illinois State University Daily Vidette Newspaper
The Official Darwin Awards
Dr. Grammar - Frequently Asked Questions
The Star Archive: Celebrity Fan Mail Addresses
Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names
Clubnova Member Car Gallery
Currency Calculator
Kane County Cougars Baseball
Cat Names
U.S. Copyright Office Homepage
Patent and Trademark Office Homepage

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