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Welcome to my little backwater area of the Internet! You have come across my website, an ever changing mass media stored target for my creative impulses. This website is a showcase for my artwork, the computer programs I have written, and the things that interest me. Feel free to explore this little piece of my world. If you are new to my website thanks for checking it out. If you are a return visitor make sure to check out the updates section to see if there is something new that you haven't seen. If you like the artwork you see feel free to check out my new online store to make some of it yours forever! Also feel free to sign my guestbook. In any case, enjoy your stay!

The page you see here is a template. My site will be simple at first, but over time it will become more and more complex. So check back every once in a while!

New in the Store

Vulpecula the little fox constellation playing amongst the nighttime stars.
"Vulpecula Playing Amongst the Stars" ART PRINT

New in the Artwork Gallery

Luna shows you the cute bottom of her favorite green bikini! (Possibly NSFW!)
"Luna Showing Off Her Bikini Bottom"

Current Tiggerman™ Comic Strip

See my Tiggerman Comic Strip at!
COMING SOON as a web comic - click here to see the current Tiggerman™ comic strip!

September 11th Artwork

Be Brave, America
CLICK HERE to see my drawing created for the victims of September 11.

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