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Click Here to go to the website of Foxee, the interactive cartoon blue fox!
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Anthro_Cheetah Yahoo! Group
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The Anthro_Cheetah Yahoo! Group is a mature audience group that shares stories, poems, drawings, and other forms of media and information on anthropomorphic cheetah characters. I am currently the moderator of this group. This group is not open to minors. I allow everything of interest to the group be posted, reguardless of sexual orientation, explicit content, political affiliation, etc. because everyone has the basic right to be heard and not censored.

Spread Firefox Blog

Spread Firefox is a community-based marketing website for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. I have been involved with the Mozilla Firefox community since the browser's 1.0 preview release back in 2004, and have created many things for Firefox such as the Project Destiny Studios Microsoft Agent Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to see Microsoft Agent characters on websites with the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and Firefox-themed artwork. My blog on is where I announce these projects to the Firefox community and get their feedback on my creations.

GD2K Zap Osborne RPG Character Site

"Zap Osborne" was a role playing game character I used briefly in the online MUSH-type RPG Gold Digger 2000. I never got involved in any role-playing and eventually gave up the whole idea but I did make a neat website for the character. The only reason why the website still exists is because I see no reason to delete it off of Angelfire.

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