Vicki Fox

"Fall Reflections"

Over winter break I was unemployed so I had plenty of time to devote to improving my artwork. I had recently been hooked on reading an online comic strip called The World of Vicki Fox, which can be found at, so I thought that she could be really fun to draw. I also had read on her website that Michael Russel, her creator, enjoyed collecting drawings that other artists have done of Vicki. So I contacted Michael Russell and asked him if I could draw a commission for him, or at the very least if I could have permission to draw Vicki Fox and post on my website. He said it was fine to draw her, and if he liked what he saw he would be glad to buy it.

I was extremely excited upon hearing this news and decided I was going to do my best job possible. Unfortunately, the holidays didn't cooperate, and I didn't finish the drawing until the end of December, a week after I started. The drawing turned out extremely well, one of my best works, and when I sent a preview to Mr. Russell to see if he agreed. He wrote me this in response:

Thank you. It looks really nice!!! I like it. Once I get the originals and the print, I will put this on Vicki's Gallery, as well. On the artist list page, I could include a link to your web site. I like them and I would like to buy the originals. I appreciate your drawing my Vicki. Thank you.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed. I sent him all the originals including the rough model sketch I did and he posted a copy of my drawing on his website. This is my very first commission and I am very proud of it. I can now finally tell people that I am a commissioned artist!

The rough pencil work was done on 80lb. medium surface Strathmore drawing paper with a .05mm mechanical pencil loaded with 5H lead. The pencil lines were darkened with 2B lead. The result was darkened and cleaned up with Paint Shop Pro 3 and printed on fax/copy paper. The printout was colored with Crayola colored pencils and the inking was done with a Pigma Micron 05 pen. The background photo and the lettering was done with Paint Shop Pro 7.02.

This drawing is 800 x 600 and can be used as a Windows background!

Please e-mail me if you save or copy this picture!

I would love to know that you like it!

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