This artwork gallery features my fan artwork based on the Antarctic Press manga comic book series Gold Digger, which was created by the extremely talented cartoonist Fred Perry. My friends who owned the now defunct Metropolis Comics in Normal, Illinois, got me hooked on this comic book series during my freshman year at Illinois State University after they found out that I loved drawing anime style catgirls. Since Gold Digger contains several catgirl characters as regular characters, my friends figured that this comic book would be a perfect match for me! The first issue of the comic book that they showed me was Gold Digger Volume 2 Issue #15, which had the very sexy female were-jaguar character Sheila on the cover. I immediately fell in love with Sheila, and soon fell in love with all of the other beautiful femal were-cats that were featured in the comic book series! Naturally, I immediately bought all of the Gold Digger stuff they had in the store! Talk about good business tactics on the part of my friends!

Were-cat women aside, I also love many other things about the Gold Digger series. First of all, many of the story lines are fun and imanginative, but are still serious enough to keep you hooked on the action. Secondly, Fred Perry and I seem to share some of the same elements in our sense of humor. Some of the scenes where Britanny the were-cheetah eats so much tuna at one time that she's reduced to the activity of a beached whale are just hilarious!

Originally, some of my fanart was placed on Fred Perry's official Gold Digger website, Cheetaholics. That was way back in 2001 however, and since then my artwork was unfortunately removed from the Cheetaholics website during a website update. While my artwork may not be displayed on Fred Perry's website anymore, I have moved on to bigger and better things, such as getting my artwork published in the Gold Digger comic books themselves! I have now been published in the Gold Digger Swimsuit Special for several years running now, and have also been published in the main Gold Digger Annual issue as well. Even though I have been reading Gold Digger for years now, I am still a huge fan and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the very cute Sheila the were-jaguar!


A surprised Britanny
Were-Cheetah Trainer
Inked Britanny punching
Britanny getting some cookies
My submission for Gold Digger Annual #7
My Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #7 Submission.  In it Sheila and Britanny are drooling over the portly Emperor of Jade.
Published in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #7
My Gold Digger Annual #8 Submission.  In it Dr. Ottoman and a were-cheetah clone attack Britanny Diggers.
My Gold Digger Annual #11 Submission.  In the drawing the were-cheetah Britanny Diggers is in her animal form and taking care of her baby daughter, Tifanny.
Published in Gold Digger Annual #11
Britanny Diggers taking advantage of her were-cheetah transformation powers to keep from revealing herself while sunbathing on a topless beach.
Published in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #11


My Gold Digger 2002 Swimsuit Issue Submission


Sheila sitting with her Ice Fang sword
Sheila, looking cute
Sheila looking adorable dressed in a bikini and big bows
Published in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #5
My Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #9 Submission.  It shows Sheila the sexy were-jaguar lounging in a tree!
Published in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #9
Sheila the cute were-jaguar sitting at a softly lit tiki bar on a tropical beach at night.  This illustration was published in the Gold Digger Swimsuit Issue #12 comic book.
Published in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #12


Jetta the were-wolf

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