This gallery features my fan artwork for the full-length animated feature The Little Fox. This high quality cartoon which I believe was originally made in Hungry was translated into English and produced by Hal Roach studios. The character design for this movie reminds me very much of the drawing style used in Disney animated features in the late 60's and early 70's. This movie also has a storyline that kind of reminded me of Bambi, being how Vic's parents get killed by hunters and how it shows him growing up and fighting to rescue his lady fair. On the other hand, because foxes are predators the movie's plot had a whole new twist.

I could tell that this movie had a lot of potential, but the only version available to me for viewing was the "New Edited Version For Families," which meant that it had a poor sugar-coated translation and had any dramatic plot-building scenes cut out. Most animators feel that editing an animated movie after it is completed is sacrilegious, and this film is a vivid example why. The entire scene where Vic's parents and brothers and sisters get killed had been completely and obviously cut out, and it made you guess about if they had actually got killed, or just captured like Foxy. As the movie plays on you just have to assume Vic's whole family got killed. Much of Uncle Carrack's death is also cut out, as well as many scenes where the foxes kill live stock for food. (Though I was surpised to see a scene where Vic killed and ate a peacock left virtually untouched.)

The dialog was poorly translated, most likely on purpose to make it "family friendly." As a result much of the dialog sounded cheesy and out of place, and it further contributed to the corruption of the movie's flow and plot. Despite these shortcomings I found the overall story and the animation quality very impressive, and I would love to see an uncut version of this delightful film.


Foxy smiling at Vic after he rescued her
Foxy on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

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