"Who Would Want to Hurt Little 'ol Me?"

This drawing wasn't meant to be fancy or perfect. It is just a doodle I made in one of my college ruled notebooks that I thought was good enough to clean up. I made this during a paticularly slow time between class periods. I was outside of my dorm room when I made this drawing, so I didn't have any other drawings of Calico to look at when I made this. This drawing came completely from memory, so I am sure there are some discrepancies with it and my two previous drawings. Even so, I feel this drawing turned out very well, and it shows that I am definitely progressing with this character.

The word bubble reflects my current working idea for a story involving Calico. It is still too early in my story developement to give away a synopsis, and I don't even know yet if I am going to use the story I am currently coming up with anyway. You can guess a little bit of the basic plot I am working on from this picture, and that is that some person or persons will be out to get her. We'll see how everything plays out, but one thing is certain- it will be some time before I get around to undertaking another big writing project such as this.

The pencil work was done on college ruled notebook paper with a .05mm mechanical pencil with 2HB lead. It was than cleaned up, darkened, and softened in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.02.

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