"How about greasing me up?"

I drew this drawing of Dixie only a couple of days after my last drawing of her. I'm a little embarrased to say this, but this drawing is based on a fantasy I had about a very pretty girl I met at vacation in Hilton Head years ago. The girl was a beautiful brunette who wore a blue bikini and often sat in the pose Dixie is drawn in. The one thing I wished most in the world for her to say to me was, "Hey, do you mind greasing me up?" The girl never said that and I never saw her again, but hey, it made a fantastic subject for a drawing. I put this drawing on the Fred Perry Fan Club art board only a few days after my last one got tons of attention, so this one was a big hit as well. Not only did Kilowatts want to draw her, but now the FPFC regular Kitsune wanted a try at her. I have a complex about my drawings getting copied or plagerized, plus I was afraid to see someone draw my own character better than I could. This was the very first time I put an original character on the Fred Perry Fan Club art board, and despite all of the positive attention I was getting I was beginning to feel that it was a grave mistake. Still I gave Kitsune the O.K. to draw her. You can see his liberal rendition of Dixie in the Guest Art Gallery.

This drawing was done on 80lb. medium surface Strathmore drawing paper. For the rough pencil work I used a .05mm mechanical pencil with 5H lead. I used 2HB lead for line darkening. The result was cleaned up and darkened with Paint Shop Pro 3. The print out was on standard fax/copy paper and was colored with Crayola colored pencils. The lettering was added with Paint Shop Pro 7.

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