"Felicia X"

Felicia in Gem Fighter One Friday night I was playing video games with one of my friends when he introduced me to this one new Capcom System 2 game he just downloaded called Gem Fighter (known as Pocket Fighter in Japan). He knew that Felicia the Catwoman was one of my favorite characters in Capcom fighting games so he played as her to show me all of her special moves in the game. This Capcom fighting game was a spoof of their previous fighting games, so Felicia's special moves were hilarious. For many of them she dressed up in costumes that made her look like other Darkstalkers characters, and for two special movies she had on a Megaman costume. The second I saw her in that Megaman costume I new I had to draw her in it for it was just the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I decided to not draw her in regular Megaman's armor like she was in the game, but instead to use the armor of Megaman X. Felicia was the first anime-style character I had ever come across and liked before, but thanks to the magazine Nintendo Power Megaman X was the second anime character I thought looked awesome. His armor is so much more complex and neat looking than regular old Megaman's. I figured that since I was going to go through all of the trouble to create this drawing I had might as well draw it in X's cooler armor and let the video game reference take a lower priority. This was the very first time I have drawn anything from the Megaman universe. It isn't quite perfect, but it was great for a first try and it looks really sharp. I ended up giving a copy of this drawing to my friend and he really enjoyed it. Hopefully you all like it too.

Felicia in Gem Fighter

To create this drawing on medium surface 80 lb. Strathmore drawing paper. For the rough work I used a Sanford non-photo blue pencil. For the inking I used an 05 ZiG Millennium archival ink pen. I then cleaned up the drawing in Paint Shop Pro 7.04 and printed it onto standard Georgia-Pacific FAX/ Copy paper. I colored the printout with Crayola colored pencils. The final scan and lettering was done with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.04.

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