"Shadow and Light"

One of my issues of Antarctic Press's How to Draw Manga series discussed using different shadow and lighting techniques to set the mood in your drawing or comic. It all seemed pretty simple and basic to me, so I tried my hand at it the next day when I was bored in a class. I had Felicia the cat girl from Capcom's "Darkstalkers" games on my mind at the time, so I experimented with light and shadows on her. The drawing turned out really good despite the fact that I sketched it during a class, so I decided to scan it. Unfortunately, I had sketched the drawing in a college ruled notebook so I ended up damaging the scanned image a bit by taking the notebook lines out. It still looks goo enough to be worthy of being posted online. I was going for a kind of scary/ creepy effect with this picture, so feel free to let me know if I achieved it or not!

This drawing was sketched with a .05mm mechanical pencil loaded with 2HB lead on college ruled notebook paper. It was scanned into the computer and cleaned up with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.04.

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