MiG-37B Ferret-E

"Night Vision"

This version of my MiG-37B drawing is what I thought the fighter would look like through a "Night Vision" camera. See the comments for "Wings of the Red Star" to learn how I came up with the idea for drawing the Soviet stealth fighter.

*Possible* Specifications:

Type: Single seat fighter/ fighter-bomber

Powerplant: Two AL-31FU Thrust Vectoring engines delivering 8,100 lbs. of thrust each, 13,300lb each with afterburner

Wingspan: 33.5 ft

Length: 44.5 ft

Height: 10.75 ft

Weight: 34,000 lbs.

Maximum Speed: 3,300 mph

Climb: N/A

Ceiling N/A

Range: N/A

Armament: Two 30mm cannons, fire linked, 8 hardpoints located in four bays wich can carry AA-7, AA-9, AA-12 Air to Air Missiles or AS-7, AS-9, AS-10, AS-14 Air to Surface Missiles, various bombs

This drawing was made on 80lb. Strathmore medium surface drawing paper. I used 2B and 5H leads in a .05mm mechanical pencil for the pencil work. The pencil drawing was then scanned, cleaned up, and shadowed in Paint Shop Pro 3.11. The print out was on standard fax/copy paper and was colored with a combination of Crayola and Sanford Prisma Color colored pencils. The colored drawing was then scanned back into the computer. I created the background with Terragen 0.8.11. I added lighting and other effects to the image with Paint Shop Pro 7.02.

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