Horsefeathers!  This little fox isn't going to take it anymore!
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Comic Strip Synopsis:
This little fox isn't going to take it anymore!

Horsefeathers!™ is a cute satirical comic strip that is a politically-oriented. The main character of the new comic strip is Foxee™, an arctic blue fox who used to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Unfortunately, she has recently lost her home due to President George W. Bush's oil drilling policies in the refuge. Because her Alaska home was destroyed, Foxee decided that the person who ruined her home owes her a new one so she now lives in the White House causing endless trouble for George W. Bush and his dog Barney. The comic strip isn't limited to the White House setting-- she tends to comment on any social or political issue that she tends to find absurd, meaning that this comic strips is going to be a lot of fun!. This comic will be running every week the Bloomington-Normal Indy newspaper, so be sure to pick up a copy if you live nearby Illinois State University! If you prefer more general humor-based comic strips, be sure to also check out my comic strip Tiggerman™!

People have seen that the Bush Administration is full of horsefeathers!

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