2001 Photographs

Me meeting up with other former Benet Science Alliance members in Mr. Taska's room over winter break 2001/2002.

Me in my dorm room holding up a Bloomington-Normal Indy, which printed one of my drawings in an article. This was the first time one of my drawings have ever been published.

Me sitting in the Mitsubishi Fuso truck I drove for Avante Printing over the summer of 2001. It was great driving the truck crusing on I-294 with The Beach Boys blasting in the tape player. I got to learn my way around the Chicago Metropolitan area pretty well too.

Another photo of me standing next to the Avante Printing truck. At work they called me "Dangerous Dan," more because I was dangerous to deadlines than anything. This was compared to the other truck driver, "Bullet Bob," whose insane driving got everything there early, and also smashed up the truck's bumpers.

Me in in front of the Vivarin Outlaw sprint car at Route 66 Speedway over the summer of 2001. Oh caffeine, we've had some great times together...

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