Who is Hoagiebot?

Me manning a double 40mm Bofors Battery to defend against Canadian invasion

Wanted Dead or Alive:

Dan the Hoagieman

They say that daydreams are the realm of both geniuses and the insane-- in my case probably both. I am a computer programmer, cartoonist, writer, dreamer, and entrepreneur. While most of the people in this world will say "can not," I say "why not?". I suppose that is what makes me so dangerous...

Name: Daniel Keller

Aliases: Danimal, D.K., Heavy D, Big D, D, Vegeta (at Laserquest), Hoagiebot (Online), Hellcat (in multiplayer games), Dan the Great, Dan the Hoagieman

Born: In the 80's, the greatest of all decades!

Race: Androsynth (a race of evil human clones from my favorite computer game, Star Control II)

Location: Usually in the northern half of Illinois, migratory.

Occupation: Founder and Owner of Project Destiny Studios™, a company dedicated to creating the very best in comics, animation, and animatronics!

Music: The Offspring, Skycycle, The Panic Channel, Inspection 12, Just Add Water, Bottle of Justus, The Last Vegas, Ophur, Hoobastank, First Name Basis, Turbulence, Mesa, Pit, Saraphine, Endochine, Yellowcard, Millencolin, Green Day, Blues Traveler, The Beach Boys, and Nirvana. Some songs from the following: STP, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Incubus, Alice Cooper, System of the Down, Polaris, Linkin Park, Weezer, Triumph, Ramstein, Megadeath, Zebrahead, Unwritten Law, Fertility, The Last Vegas, Steve Reverb and the Sound Tones, and Slipknot.

Me dressed up as a character from the anime cartoon Dragonball Z for Halloween Geek Code (Version 3.2):
GCS/AT d-- s+:++ a-- C++(++++)$ US P+ L(--) !E W+++ N+ o-- K? w+++>+++++ O M-- !V PS+ PE Y++ PGP>++ t+++ 5+ X R>+++ tv b++ DI+ D+ G++ e++ h++ r-- y--*

Furry Code (Version 1.3):
FPr[bionic human mad scientist]c1acdw A++>++++$ C+ D H- M P~+ R- T++ W Z+++ Sm++ RLCT/A a cdwu+++~++++$ d+ e++ f+ h-- iwf+++ j+ p-/++ sm--


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