This gallery contains my fanart drawings based off of Walt Disney's 1981 animated feature film The Fox and the Hound. I had forgotten about the film for many years until I discovered it in our family video case one evening at home. It had been many years since I had seen it, and I had forgotten most of the movie. I had completely forgotten about Vixey, the girl fox, in the film so boy was I surprised when I saw her with all of her elegance and charm! Vixey is definitely a product of the Walt Disney Company's "Old Guard" animators with her sexy movements and flair. Her character design very much resembles that of Duchess from The Aristocats, which leads me to believe that she was created by the same character designer and/or animator.

Vixey has re-invigorated my excitment towards Disney characters. In one afternoon I took about 85 screen shots of her with my Snappy video capture card to ensure that I would have plenty of material to draw. As with Duchess I plan to start collecting authentic Disney drawings and production cels of her once they become financially feasable.


Vixey giving "The Look"
Vixey deciding if she wants to see Todd
Vixey walking with her head hanging low

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