This image gallery contains my drawings inspired by the video game/ anime/ manga Darkstalkers and all of its sequels. The Darkstalkers video game changed my life from an artistic point of view. "Sherman, set the way back machine to 1995...." I was in a Buddy's Pizza Restaurant in a Detroit suburb with some of my friends when I saw a new arcade game in the corner. My friends and I all gathered around the arcade game and took a look to see what it was. To my great surprise, I was greeted by a gorgeous scantly-clad white furred catgirl named Felicia! Even though Felicia was only an anime-style drawn game sprite, this cute little feline dreamer left a great impression on my adolescent mind, and that very night I started making sketches of the saucy catgirl in my journal. Little did I know at the time, but my lif had been changed forever. I had discovered anthropomorphics, and I have been happily in love with cat women ever since!

I really became interested with drawing cat women once I got Internet access during the late 1990's when I was in high school. I remembered the dreamy video game cat girl character that I had met several years earlier in my youth, and I immediately started searching for her online. Eventually, found my first image of Felicia in an old area of the America Online network known as the the AOL Software Library. Using that first image as a guide, I tried to draw Felicia myself in her Japanese anime style for the first time. Felicia was the first manga character I have ever fallen head over heels for and learned how to draw, and for that she will always be special to me! So even after Darkstalkers and Capcom have long left the earth, the "Teen Feline Dreamer" will long be remembered!

The Felicia images in this gallery are all ones I have done since I created the website. My ancient sketches of her, though special to me in their own right, won't be part of this gallery because they just are not dran well enough to be wrth showing. Drawing Felicia has always presented me with an interesting problem-- there really is no "official" model design of Felicia. Felicia has been shown in several officially licensed anime cartoons, American cartoons, manga comic books, and video games, and in each appearance Felicia has been drawn differently by different artists. As a result, many of my own Felicia drawings will look different from one another based on which model of Felicia I m modeling my own drawings from. I hope that you enjoy my drawings of this "Darkstalker" as much as I do!


An anxious Felicia landing a jump
Felicia posed for her Pretty Cat Revue
Felicia in Megaman X's armor
Official Capcom Fan Art Contest May 2003 Winner!
An notebook sketch of a shadow and light experiment

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