This gallery contains pictures from Walt Disney's 20th animated feature film, The Aristocats. This has always been my favorite Disney cartoon, and just recently I have started to become interested in it again. I started to study the characters of the film, especially Duchess, to see how they were animated. I have been focusing on Duchess because she is one of my all time favorite Disney characters. Duchess was also one of the major influences behind some of my original characters.

Drawing Duchess presented many new challenges for me. First of all, I had to learn elements of the Disney style. It was dificult at first, but now I'm getting the hang of it. The second problem I had is that The Aristocats is an older Disney movie, it debuted in 1970, and it wasn't as popular as some of the other Disney films. Therefore there were very little resources for it on the Internet, and I ran out of poses of Duchess to draw very quickly. I eventually solved this with my Snappy video capture card. I devoted an entire day to capturing scenes from the film, and ended up creating almost 300 screen shots. I should have plenty of things to draw now!

My interest in The Aristocats has gone beyond just sketching the characters, I have also started collecting Disney commissioned artwork from the film including limited edition sketches, lithographs, and actual production cels.


Duchess from Disney's Aristocats
Duchess on the rooftop at night
Duchess commenting on her kittens' music
Duchess explaining to O'Malley why she has to go home
Duchess being sweet talked by O'Malley
Duchess glaring at O'Malley
Duchess dancing at O'Malley's pad
Duchess laying on a chimney, talking to O'Malley
Duchess flirting with O'Malley
Duchess, after learning about O'Malley's true intentions
A rough concept design for an anthropomorphic Duchess
Duchess smiling for the camera!
Editorial Cartoon against Disney CEO Michael Eisner

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